7 Things to Consider When Buying Clothing

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Clothing

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You walk up to the racks and grab the first item that catches your eye. Your initial attraction could be the colors, pattern, or inviting sale sign. It’s cute, it’s fun, it looks like it’s your size. But don’t head to the check out counter just yet! These are my 7 things to consider before buying clothing. As you try it on, (please tell me you try on new items), ask yourself the following questions. Is this garment…

  1. COMFORTABLE – Does it feel good on your body? You should expect this to be at the top of everyone’s list. If it’s scratchy, too tight, or doesn’t breathe properly, why would you wear it? I’ve been a boutique owner long enough to know that everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to fit and fabric. Choose what feels best on your skin.
  2. FUNCTIONAL – What is its purpose? What features are you looking for in this garment? For some, it’s wide straps to help hold up the girls. Others may need clothing without zippers or buttons due to mobility reasons. I’ll pass on anything with 20 eye hooks (thanks, but no thanks!). If it doesn’t suit your needs, consider putting it back.
  3. PRACTICAL – Moms of toddlers, I’m talking to you. A mini skirt is not what I want to be chasing a screaming kid around in. A bodysuit isn’t great if you’re nursing a baby, or for frequent bathroom breaks. If you work in a factory or potentially hazardous field, you may want to avoid items with fringe and lace. If you have fur babies, be wary of solid black. Be climate/season conscious.
  4. MODEST – Not everything will fit the same on you as it does on a mannequin because they lack the obvious: skin and curves. We’re all built differently, regardless of what size is on the tag. Please check the length and coverage of items before you wear them in public. Sit down and stand up, cross your arms, bend over and touch your toes, do a few jumping jacks if you really want to test its limits before buying clothing. No wardrobe malfunctions, please!
  5. CLASSIC – Don’t fall for the quick fads. By the time they hit most retail stores, they’re likely to be old news and uncool anyway. I’m going to assume you don’t have extra funds set aside to invest in clothing you’ll never wear, or wear once and push it to the back of your closet. Some things will never (and shouldn’t) come back in style. Like everything from the 80s.
  6. EASY CARE – My rule of thumb is simple. If it can’t go in on the delicate wash cycle, it doesn’t belong in my home. I have enough laundry to do without hand washing and dry cleaning. Also, there’s ironing. Yuck.
  7. FABULOUS – Wear what speaks to you. Don’t let magazines or celebrities or your friends tell you what to wear. It’s your body and a personal form of expression that is totally unique. Pattern mix with reckless abandon. Wear white after Labor Day. Life is too short to worry about what other people think.
Do you have to answer yes to all of those? Absolutely not! If that was the case, you’d never see anyone in 4″ heels, corset tops, or anything in Lady Gaga’s closet. Sometimes, we suffer a bit to make a statement, but I want to you make that choice before buying clothing instead of finding out the hard way. If you’d like any advice or suggestions on specific styles or shapes for your body, please message me here or join my exclusive online community for a personal complementary styling consultation.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Clothing


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