Mobile Fashion Boutique Benefits

Mobile Fashion Boutique Benefits

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When I became a LuLaRoe Retailer in December of 2016, I knew I was “going mobile”. I had big dreams and they required me to think outside the box, so to speak. I was thrilled to discover a tiny online group of retailers who had already begun their mobile journey and I was immediately inspired. A few short months later it became a reality for me, and my local community. Below are some of the mobile fashion boutique benefits as they apply to my hostess/guests, as well as other retailers. To see me host live sales in my mobile boutique, request to join my exclusive group here.


Mobile Fashion Boutique Benefits

Hostess Benefits

Most great ideas start from having to solve a problem, and this was no exception.

I live in northern Minnesota, where the average house size is less than ideal for hosting a party of any sort that would include a dozen of your girlfriends and 4-6 clothing racks. Ain’t nobody got space for that. At least I don’t. We struggle enough with seating for our children’s birthday parties and holiday gatherings.

Naturally, having a mobile boutique eliminates the need to go inside anyone’s home, leaving many ladies relieved and available to be a hostess. I simply pull up in front of their home or in their driveway, and we party the night away! There’s no cooking, cleaning, anxious pets, grumpy spouses, or hiding clutter in closets.

Does it get any better than that? It does.


My LuLaTrailer, as I affectionately refer to it, has been completely designed and constructed to look like a celebrity walk-in closet (minus the crystal chandeliers). There are racks on both sides in various heights, shelves, and covered totes. A seating bench across from the man door also houses 4 drawers to hold business supplies, shopping bags, and extra hanger hardware.

Pretty fancy sounding, right?

The best feature of my mobile boutique is the two dressing rooms in the front v-nose section. This is where the magic happens and confidence is born. We all know that some garments look completely different on the hanger, and I want all my ladies to have the opportunity to try everything on. Spin, twirl, dance, whatever it takes. Then you get to pull the curtains back and truly wow your friends.

This is an amazing experience that many miss out in homes. This is what I want for my customers and hostesses.

Retailer Benefits

Hey LuLaSisters! Do you like hauling 25-50 Ikea bags, half a dozen racks, and supplies back and forth a few times a week? Unless you’re after rock-hard biceps or have a helpful hubby, I’m going to guess the answer is no.

A mobile boutique allows you to hook up and go. Yep, it’s that easy. You get to bring the fun and fantastic service to your local customers. Have an out-of-town friend? I often travel two hours away for pop-ups.

But there are a few decisions you need to make before you make the jump to going mobile. You need to decide what kind of vehicle you want to have (bus, car-hauler, RV, etc.). Do you have a personal vehicle that is capable of towing a large load? Are you aware of all the insurances, local permits/laws, and maintenance you’ll need? And lastly, the upfront cost of such an expense.

Obviously, you want to do your own research. Mobile fashion boutique benefits will vary, but I know it was the best decision for my business.


If you live near Duluth, MN and you’d like to schedule a Mobile Pop Up with me, please join my Hostess Group or message me here.
For more info on how I designed my LuLaTrailer or more details on what you should be researching, please message me here.

Mobile Fashion Boutique Benefits


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