Hostess Tips for Fun Parties

Hostess Tips for Fun Parties

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Are you preparing for an upcoming party and not sure of your role? Is the thought of inviting friends and family intimidating? Do you struggle with what to say? Here are a few easy hostess tips for fun parties from a current Retailer!

The Invitation is an Art

There is nothing more impersonal and spammy than adding a friend to a group/party without their permission. Please don’t be rude. These are your friends and family, they deserve (and want) a personal invite. I challenge all my hostesses to contact their guests using any form of communication that is not considered social media. Seriously. Call, email, text, these are all appropriate ways to get the news of your party out there. Tell them all the details: Who the party is with. What company they represent. Where it will be held. When they should join in. Why you’re excited for them to participate.  Humans are curious by nature, and many will want to find out what the party is all about, as well as support you by logging in if they feel your genuine excitement in your invitation.

Don’t Discriminate

If you’re hosting a party for a company that sells children’s products, for example, you may think to skip your single girlfriends. By assuming they aren’t interested, you’re only doing them and yourself a disservice. Please keep in mind that many direct sales or handmade items make great gifts, and everyone is in need of them despite their personal status or desires. When inviting guests, mention upcoming events that you know they may need gifts for (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries) and products they might be interested in. Also, if you’re hosting a candle party and your Aunt Sue has bad allergies, she may still attend since most companies will ship to the recipient and she would never have to be exposed to them! Her knitting club friend gets a french vanilla pillar set for Christmas and your party gets the credit: win-win!

Virtual is Reality

You may all be at your own homes on your own couches, but there is little difference between a virtual party and one held in person as far as hosting etiquette. You wouldn’t sit in the corner or hide in the kitchen of your house, so why would you sit silently behind your screen? Welcome each guest as they join. Make recommendations of items you know they’d love. Engage with them as you would if they were standing next to you browsing a physical display. Let your personality lead the party and have fun! Social connections are what make direct sales parties more attractive than shopping a department store alone in the first place.  These hostess tips for fun parties have been proven to work repeatedly, and will work for you as well!


Lastly, please heed the advice of your consultant. This is her job, and her hostess tips for fun parties are based on personal experience and the desire to maximize your rewards and the fun for all involved! Your role is equally if not more important than hers, so treat it as a partnership and everyone will be begging you to book with them again. To host a virtual or in person LuLaRoe Pop Up with me, please click here. I’d love to party with you now that you’re prepared for success!


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