Social Anxiety and Direct Sales

Social Anxiety and Direct Sales

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Live sales. Follow-ups. Open houses. Vendor events. These can be a nightmare for those dealing with social anxiety and direct sales. I make my pop-ups as stress-free and welcome as possible, for myself and my customers. You can find my exclusive group here and see how I create a safe and inviting space. Here are my tips for kicking negative feelings to the curb and loving the interaction that comes with building relationships through your business.


1. Know you are capable

You are a Rock Star. You ARE a Rock Star. Or maybe you’re a badass. Either way, you’re community looks up to you. They see your strengths, your bravery, and your passion. You’re a mini-celebrity. We often forget this when we’re stressed over orders, behind on shipping, or majorly sleep deprived.¬† We are capable of amazing things. Please remind yourself of this often. Eventually, you will start to believe it.

2. Be yourself

“Never compare your bloopers to someone else’s highlight reel.” I know you’ve all read that by now. We can often feel so inadequate, so full of doubt, that we lose focus and get down on ourselves. Stay in your lane, do things your way, and be proud of your accomplishments, big or small. I know retailers who rock at live sales, some who have the best engagement posts, and others who put together killer outfits. We all have our own niche and talents. Take a breath, and be proud of your individual style.

3. Start small

Does the thought of presenting your products to a group make you nauseous? Yeah, I’ve been there. I want to challenge you to start small. Hold an “exclusive, limited, invitation only” event. Maybe you start with 2-3 long-standing customers. Maybe one is a close friend. Choose those that you feel the most comfortable being around and go for it. As your confidence grows, so should your audience. Even top paid musical talents claim to be nervous before performances. If Beyonce can do it, so can you.

4. Location

Nothing stresses me out more than not knowing where I’m going. Before each event you’ll find me on my Maps app, scoping out my route. I search for other pictures of a venue online. I mentally get to know the space. This helps me prepare, which eases the fear of the unknown. If possible, hold events at your home, where you’re naturally most at ease. A public location may also be a good idea for those who are always looking for an escape route.

5. Practice

This may sound bizarre to many of you, but live sales have always been easy for me. My theory is that I’m comfortable since no one is physically¬†here with me. I compare it to talking to yourself in a mirror, only you get to read responses on your screen. If this is an area that you struggle with, try practicing. Set your phone up, reverse the camera, and have a mock sale. Maybe even FaceTime your mother and practice with her! I’m sure she’d love to see your beautiful face and give positive feedback. If those don’t work, just do it scared. One trial run may be all you need to conquer your fear.

6. No arguing

“Should I go? No, I really don’t want to. But it’ll be fun! Nah, it’s okay if I cancel.” Does this sound familiar? We spin in circles, fighting and arguing with ourselves over social business decisions. This wastes not only time but precious mental energy. Here’s my rule: I don’t negotiate with myself. When I scheduled an event, I’m going. When I see follow-ups on my calendar, I’m reaching out to ladies. Hold yourself accountable.

I truly hope these ideas help alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with putting yourself out the into the Direct Sales world. Please remember that you’re stronger than you think and your customers love you. Find the joy and be surprised with the friendships that are bound to develop. Social anxiety and Direct Sales can coexist, at least until you kick its butt for good! If you’d like to share what has worked for you in your business, please comment below or message me. I love to hear success stories! If you’d like to see my live sales in action, you’re always welcome to hang out in my online community. You can request to join here.


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