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Style Review: The LuLaRoe Joy

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If naming LuLaRoe’s style were up to me (which it’s not), I would’ve also named this glorious layering piece something uplifting. Since ‘Perfect’ was already taken by one of our tops, Joy would’ve been high on my list. Why? Because that’s what you feel when you wear one. See why the LuLaRoe Joy is a fan favorite below. To shop my amazing selection, click here for access to my exclusive group!

LuLaRoe Joy Size Chart

This longline vest has many attractive features, the obvious one being its shape. The Joy elegantly drapes your body, giving you a streamlined silhouette. Because of this, many ladies get the illusion of being taller and thinner. Its roomy armholes give you the mobility needed to perform your daily routines without feeling restricted in your upper body.

The fabrics are lightweight which allows you to layer without the bulk. Joy can also smooth out your back and backside with its flowy panels, and who doesn’t love that? They mask my bra lines and any other unflattering areas that may appear in form-fitting dresses. This gives me even more confidence to rock my outfits, knowing I’m looking long and lean!

LuLaRoe Joy Style Review

The LuLaRoe Joy has many friends already living in your closet. Pair it with your dresses for a cute, flirty look. Wear it to the office as a classy statement piece. Belting this vest over a top gives any outfit a new look.

Take this item casual with a solid tank and jeans for another fun ensemble! Of course, my personal favorites are the Joy with Carly, Debbie (Julia), and Maria (Dani). The Joy reinforces the slimming effect of these figure-flattering dresses, which look amazing on every body shape and size.

With unlimited versatility, this vest should be at the top of everyone’s wish list!


If you’d like to try one for the first time or add to your collection, you may browse my newest prints and patterns in my exclusive online community here! I’m always available for size/fit consultations as well. Contact me with any questions you have about the amazing LuLaRoe Joy!


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LuLaRoe Joy Style Review


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