10 Direct Sales Products you need Now

10 Direct Sales Products You Need Now

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Some products can make your life easier, some simply make life more enjoyable. Supporting small business owners is a fantastic bonus! Here are my 10 favorite direct sales products that everyone needs in their homes today.

LuLaRoe Carly

If you haven’t heard of LuLaRoe yet, I can only assume you live in a remote village somewhere with no access to the internet. This fashion-forward clothing creates comfortable, modest, and fun patterned clothing for the entire family at a great price. Although there are many tops, skirts, and dresses available, LuLaRoe is best known for their “buttery soft” leggings.

Besides their amazing leggings, every woman needs at least one Carly dress in their closet.

This high low hem swing dress is universally flattering and comes in size XXS to 3XL. With its roomy short sleeves and flowing fit, it is the perfect layering dress in the cooler months, and an airy stand-alone piece in the warmer months.

Read my full review of the LuLaRoe Carly here, or join my exclusive shopping group to browse my current Carly selection.

Norwex Enviro Cloth

I’m a firm believer in the immunity benefits of mild exposure to everyday dirt and germ. That being said, I also want a clean house. With two young kids and three cats, it’s a constant battle to keep floors tidy and surfaces smudge-free.

This is where Norwex steps in. Norwex is on a mission to help reduce household chemicals with simple, budget-friendly products. Now that’s a mission we can all get behind!

Their best-seller, and must have product by far, is the EnviroCloth. This magical microfiber cloth cleans everything from glass to counters to fabric to floor with only water! No sprays, no bottles, no hazardous fumes. And with its BacLock antibacterial technology, my clothes never smell musty or like mildew, even after a few uses.

If you’d like to browse their current catalog with my favorite representative, please use this link.

Usborne Magic Painting series

Do you have a toddler who loves to paint? Do you loathe cleaning up after them?

My three year old loves all things crafty and often requests her watercolors. Although she produces beautiful creations on paper, it also ends up on clothes, hands, hair, and all over the table. My dear friend and Usborne consultant introduced us to the Magic Painting books, and I’m stocking up!

These detailed and elegantly illustrated pages burst into life with the swipe of a brush dipped in water. No mess, no cleanup. Once the page is dry, the entire book can be put away for next time! This series currently comes in titles such as Dinosaurs, Jungle, Cinderella, and Fairy Palaces, proving there really is a book for every child’s interest.

To see the full series, or browse the other wonderful books Usborne creates, please visit my favorite book lady here.

Perfectly Posh Gender Bender

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect bath soap? Well, I’ve found it!

The Gender Bender Chunk Bath Bar by Perfectly Posh is nothing short of amazing. This large bar soap contains deep cleansing charcoal powder and a truly gender neutral scent that I love. It leaves my skin clean without drying or leaving a film. It also works great on removing tough messes such as oil paints off of my hands.

And the best part? It lasts forever. I’ve had my original bar for over a year, and use it almost daily!

To find this bar soap and other great bath products, visit their website or find a consultant here.

Thirty-One Large Utility Tote

Confession time. I may have a slight tote obsession. To the point where I kit-napped from Thirty-One over 5 years ago. Ha!

The Large Utility Tote is honestly the best and most popular product the company sells, and for good reason.

This tote is so universal and has as many uses as you could think of.

I keep one in my trunk for hauling groceries. There’s at least a dozen in our storage room holding items from swimming gear to extra sheets to holiday decor. One in each closet holds off-season clothing. Two of them are containing the mess that is the playroom downstairs. These quality totes have wide, comfortable straps and reinforced structure for maximum durability.

To see all the fun (and neutral) prints in my current catalog, click here. Try to resist buying 5, I dare you.

Direct Sales Products

Young Living Peppermint Oil

If you’re ever bored, search Pinterest for Peppermint Oil uses. You’ll be overwhelmed with all the ways this oil can help you and your loved ones.

Not only does it bring up memories of Christmas morning with its refreshing aroma, but it can also help aid in digestion, relieve headache and cold symptoms, and minor skin irritations. I’ve also added a drop to my morning tea for an invigorating flavor.

*As with any essential oil, please research how to apply it and talk to your doctor about serious health concerns before attempting any self-treatments.

Color Street Nail Strips

I don’t go to nail salons. Don’t like to wait for my liquid nail polish to dry either. I hate the smudging, chipping, and peeling that I get with tradition polish.

I’ve tried the vinyl products, with their tricky heat application and shape that never did contour to my nails.I thought I was doomed to have plain, natural, blah nails until I discovered Color Street.

I don’t know how they do it, but they got 100% real nail polish into easy to apply strips. Out of the package these strips can be touched, stretched, and easily applied for flawless nails that last. The colors and patterns are all gorgeous, from your classic reds to fun glitters and french tips.

Removal is just as simple, using the nail polish remover you already have in your home!

To order or request a sample, please visit my favorite consultant here

Scentsy Luna

Ok, choosing just one scent of melt was really, really hard.

I love so many different smells in the home. Baked goods in the fall, floral in the spring, woodsy in the winter. Luna lives in our bedroom. Its scent is light, clean, and romantic.

With small children at home, I never have to worry about open flames of candles, or hot wax burning little fingers. My Scentsy warmers fit my home decor perfectly and blend right in.

To find your new favorite scent or stock up on ones you already love, click here.

Lipsense Dark Pink

My lip color of the day always depends on my outfit. Whether I choose a neutral like First Love, or the attention-getting Purple Reign, I always feel fabulous and pretty.

I love Lipsense for their variety of colors, the ability to layer, and the smudge-proof formula. I can kiss babies, drink coffee, and never worry about leaving my mark. The glosses are hydrating and silky and also come in a variety of finishes such as matte.

To view all the amazing colors and glosses available, visit my consultant’s online shopping group here.

Paparazzi Necklace Set

Is your love for things that sparkle greater than your jewelry budget? Do you love to accessorize?

Then you need to check out Paparazzi’s Jewelry & Accessories! At $5 each, you’ll love the beautiful necklace sets (with matching earrings!), bracelets/cuffs, and statement earrings.

Kids also have earrings and accessories starting at $1 each! Um, that’s pretty awesome. And these quality pieces won’t discolor or irritate your skin.

You may browse the corporate website for all the new bling, or find a reputable consultant online here.


Did I miss your favorite direct sales products or company? Let me know in the comments below or message me here! I’m always up for trying out new trends and innovative ideas while supporting my small business friends.

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