Direct Sales the Right Way

Direct Sales, the Right Way

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Direct Sales. Even I get a yucky taste in my mouth saying the words out loud. But it got it’s reputation fair and square with pushy, spammy, rude tactics by consultants who didn’t know any other way. It’s a case of a few bad apples ruining the whole orchard. Well, there’s a whole new generation of small business owners ready to show the world that we really do mean business. Go ahead and Join the Elite Suite, then read on to see what you’re in for.

Wait, What is the Suite?

I’m not telling you to ditch your upline or sales sisters, but you’re going to need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals for this. The Socialite Suite empire is run by our fearless leader, Brenda Ster. She and her talented team have made it their mission to train direct sellers and small business owners in the art of Attraction Based Marketing. If you struggle with engagement, sales, or you just want to develop yourself and your strategy, they’re there to empower you to make the changes necessary for success.

The Right Way

What if I told you that you’d never make another cold call again? No more “Cinderella challenges”. No more posting desperate pleas for sale on your personal profiles. Attraction based marketing is just that, attracting your ideal client to you with personality and value. The Suite teaches you that one loyal customer is better than a hundred ladies that tune out your posts online. That one customer will refer friends, give you great reviews, and will follow you on other platforms so she doesn’t miss anything. She will be a great hostess because you’ll learn how to lead her in a fun, successful party with her friends. She’ll ask for more information on products you suggest in your follow up messages because you’re going to follow up with her. When you start seeing an increase in followers and join requests which lead to new sales, you won’t be surprised, because you will be expecting it.

Are you Ready?

If you can see the error in your ways, then you’re ready for a new perspective. The Socialite Suite is a free community group of (mainly) women in all companies, learning the basics of relationship-based sales. There are free live training events, challenges, and daily discussions on common questions and topics. This is where most of us start. If you want to dive in head first, you’ll want to get into Brenda’s premium coaching group, the Elite Suite. This training community is geared primarily for inventory based businesses, but there are others who still may benefit from its teachings. There is a minimal monthly fee for membership, but its value is priceless. As business owners, we need to invest in ourselves. If you’d like to try it out and get your first month for only $1*, please Join the Elite Suite here.

*This offer is for a limited time only.

Is There More?

If you’re loving what the Suite is serving, you may be hungry for more. Fortunately for us, they have created an entire course directory for direct sales and small business owners! Learn how to engage your Instagram friends, impress your Pinterest followers, brand yourself, and even jump into the world of micro-blogging! Take control of your social strategy today and grow your direct sales business the right way; with personality and value.


To see these teachings at work, please request to join my exclusive group here. You may also contact me for more info on how the Suite groups and courses can help your business.Direct Sales


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