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Style Review: The LuLaRoe Dani

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I opened my first box of LuLaRoe Dani dresses this morning and almost squealed! When I say we’ve been waiting a long time to get our hands on this tank dress, I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. After trying on a few different sizes and fabrics, I wanted to share my honest review of the Dani with you. If you can’t wait to see the amazing selection I have, head over to my exclusive group here!

LuLaRoe Dani

This may be my new favorite dress, from a pure versatility standpoint. It has the top of a tank and the bottom of a maxi skirt, which is perfect for this summer heat! This dress is great for keeping cool while staying modest. And the outfit possibilities are truly endless!

Let’s start out with the fit. The scoop neckline is wide and flattering, sitting exactly where I like it (not too high, not too low). I’m very impressed with how the armholes are just the right size and lay flat against my ribs.

The body of this dress drapes down from the bust which creates a long silhouette (we like this, it’s quite slimming). None of the fabrics felt clingy to my hips or rear. They just flowed to the floor.

LuLaRoe Dani Style Review

Even though I live near the Canadian border, I’ll be carrying this dress through the cold months for one simple reason: layering. This will be a staple piece in my closet to wear under tops, sweaters, Joys, and Sarahs! Even a cute denim jacket would be a perfect fall cover-up over a printed Dani.

With no zippers and minimal seams, this is the ultimate lounge dress! If I had any negative criticism on this dress, it would be that it doesn’t have pockets. That would just be fantastic, but I’ll survive without them. This is a dress for women of all ages and lifestyles, and I can’t wait to get more in my boutique for you!

To shop my current selection of LuLaRoe Dani dresses, please request to join my group or contact me with any questions you have about this brand new style! If you already have one, share your favorite feature or where you wear yours below in the comments.


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LuLaRoe Dani Style Review


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