Fundraising with LuLaRoe

Fundraising with LuLaRoe

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The only thing better than shopping, is shopping for a cause, right? As a small business owner (and decent human being), I love having the opportunity to give back to my community and my customers’ communities. If you’ve ever been interested in fundraising with LuLaRoe, let me give you some key highlights of the process. To see my current fundraisers, check my business page events here.

Choose Your Cause

Are you an animal lover wanting to help out a local shelter? We can do that! Is there a local family who is struggling due to a sick child or lost their home in a fire? You bet I can help! How about your son’s sports team, and teammates who’s families can’t afford new gear? Absolutely. If you know of a need, we can raise funds for it!         *Please note: I choose not to participate in fundraising for political, religious or other controversial topics and organizations.

Plan Your Pop Up

If you’re local, we will plan a date and location to hold a public pop up! I have a mobile boutique and will travel within a reasonable distance. But you don’t have to live in northern MN to party with me! We can just as easily host an event online, on or off social media. This allows us to invite many more interested people to shop for your cause. I ask for two weeks notice for planning and submitting to LuLaRoe for matching (read on!) if possible, but am always willing to pull together a great event last minute!

LuLaRoe Match

Not only do I donate a portion of each item sold to the cause of your choice, but LuLaRoe will match it. Talk about a generous company! This maximizes our giving power to our communities, and we can all get behind that!

Book Today

You and your friends are already buying LuLaRoe, why not help others in the process! All you have to do is send me a quick message, and we can begin planning your fundraiser. Let’s get involved and make a difference by fundraising with LuLaRoe!Fundraising with LuLaRoe


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