Best Apps for Creating Awesome Graphics

Apps for Creating Awesome Graphics

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In the world of online sales and marketing, originality is king. Creating your own personally branded images and graphics is not only smart but also easy. Below are my favorite apps for creating awesome graphics. I should mention that I use them on my iPhone, but they should also be available on other mobile devices as well. 


Apps for Creating Awesome Graphics

Do you swoon over professional graphics on Pinterest? Would you like to make your own branding board for your business? Then PicMonkey is what you need. This is my go-to program for creating, editing, and storing my Blog and social media graphics. PicMonkey is so user-friendly with its simple to navigate menus and ready to use templates. I especially enjoy the “Hub”, where I can store graphics for further editing or access on a different device. I use their website for the bulk of my work, but love the ability to create amazing and consistent graphics on the go! Set up your own PicMonkey account and see why it’s so popular!


As a small boutique owner, taking bright and flawless photos of my inventory is crucial. You can have the perfect photography set up and still never get that crisp white background you desire. Achieving such photos are a breeze with Snapseed! Using a selection tool, you can isolate a color and increase the brightness until you’re satisfied. It’s that easy. There are also special exposure and temperature brushes that I find helpful in color correction. Download this app to get those Instagram worthy pics today!


Now we’re taking our graphics up a notch with this app! MagicEraser is a fantastic tool for removing backgrounds or any other unwanted areas of your images. Using your fingers you can remove or add, zoom in or out, getting crisp lines around your desired object. Save with a white or transparent background for layering onto other images (which is where PicMonkey excels!)

Typorama & WordSwag

These fun apps create the whimsical lettering styles seen used for many quote graphics! Choose your background using the given solids, patterns, and generic photos. If you’re looking for something else, you can browse Pixabay’s enormous selection on either app using the search function! Once you’ve chosen your background and entered your text, the real creative process starts as you scroll through the different fonts and see your message transform with each one. Create something truly unique with either of these using the free versions, or pay a small fee for access to locked font styles!


Using any of these apps will be sure to take your graphics to new heights in a matter of minutes! To see some of my creations you can head over to my Pinterest account or exclusive LuLaRoe group now. If you have other suggestions on apps for creating awesome graphics please let me know in the comments below! I love discovering new ways of being more efficient.

Apps for Creating Awesome Graphics



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