Why Students Love LuLaRoe

Why Students Love LuLaRoe

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It’s that time of the year again. Checklists, shopping, packing. Students love LuLaRoe like college freshmen love ramen and cold pizza. Whether your student is 6, 16, or 26, read on to see how LuLaRoe can simplify the start to every school year! Join my exclusive group here to get your hassle-free purchasing complete now. 


Whether your child is sitting cross-legged in a story time circle or half asleep in Psych 101, they want to be comfy just like the rest of us. My little students love LuLaRoe and refuse to wear much else! Our toddler has protested against owning anything but LuLaRoe leggings and dresses since she was old enough to voice her opinion. My preteen is prepared to take on middle school in her own carefully curated style, and I’m happy knowing all of her tops are modest and long enough to cover her bottom.  Stock their wardrobe with buttery soft leggings, silky skirts, and flowing dresses. Let them focus on their studies, and not on itchy, tight, restrictive garments. They’ll thank you and you’ll earn yourself an A+!

Fun printsStudents love LuLaRoe, Kids Mae dress

Let your student express their personality through fun prints and patterns! My children have taught me to be less matchy-matchy, and wear what you love (although some of their choices make me cringe a little…). These are the important years of self-discovery and confidence building, and one less battle for me to fight. Let them choose their styles and how they represent themselves to the world with safe and appropriate prints. Supply cute shoes and fun accessories to complete any budding fashionista’s outfit!

What wrinkles?

I know the two words every mom wants to hear: easy care. Many of LuLaRoe’s fabrics will look as great out of a cool dryer as they do off the floor, cause honestly, that’s usually where clothes end up. This is great for those not old enough or not interested in operating an iron. When browsing my inventory, feel free to ask about an items fabric and care recommendations! Women love my items when traveling for their ability to ward off wrinkles and fold neatly into suitcases. Those awesome features also apply to tightly packed dresser drawers! Now if only LuLaRoe could help with their hair…


I know you feel like you just spent a small fortune on your offspring, and if they’re in college or private schools, you may have. Get great wardrobe staples that will last semesters for less than what you paid on that new backpack. Put all of your savings towards their lunch accounts, extracurricular activities, or Christmas gifts. Not only is LuLaRoe competitively priced, but you can host an online or in person pop up and earn clothes for free! Really. Now, don’t you feel smart?


To browse my 1,500+ piece inventory of amazing LuLaRoe from size 2 (toddler) to 3xl (women), request to join my exclusive group here! I’ll be happy to put together cute outfits for your child of any age. Contact me to schedule your own popup and earn free clothes! See why so many moms and students love LuLaRoe today!Students Love LuLaRoe



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