Why I Stayed with LuLaRoe

Why I Stayed with LuLaRoe

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Oh, LuLaRoe. In their five years of business, they’ve been through a lot. As with any company, there are ups and downs, and bumps along the way. Some retailers met these obstacles and ran. Others grew along with the company and are now reaping the benefits. My community of amazing women and fellow retailers will tell you how much it’s improved. Here are a few reasons of why I stayed with LuLaRoe.

Loyalty and Trust

I’m not one to give up on something or someone easily. Every relationship, even in business, has its ups and downs. The owners and staff have proven themselves (to me) to be passionate, dedicated, and forward-thinking, and I will mirror those traits. I have a love of the company’s vision as much as the clothing they produce.  This company has provided a life-changing opportunity for my family and I am extremely grateful.

Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others & strengthen families. A community where lives are being improved & dreams achieved!

They Listen

The home office has become extremely receptive to retailer feedback in the recent months. So much so, that they’ve re-evaluated their entire stock of inventory to meet our desires and needs. They personally invited retailers of all sales levels to come in and share what they love, don’t love, and what our customers prefer. The result has been nothing short of amazing, and their commitment to us is evident in every box of new goodies I receive.

The Goods

These clothes are ME. They’re my style and fit my life. The comfort, confidence, and beauty they bring to me and my customers cannot be replaced by any other company out there. I love the variety of prints and quality fabrics. The rotation of new styles is always exciting and never disappoints! At the end of the day, I have a beautiful wardrobe that represents me, is comfortable, and makes me feel pretty. What more can you ask for?


Those retailers who chose to leave had valid reasons for doing so. I won’t argue that. Many are still my friends and have found their niche elsewhere in the fashion world. But I think my optimism and grace for the vision of this company helped me to block out the negativity and continue providing my customers with the best service possible. My decision to stay with LuLaRoe was personal, but also simple. I can’t wait to continue to grow with this company and share the love of comfort with my friends.

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