Basic Pattern Mixing Tips & Tricks

Basic Pattern Mixing

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You don’t have to be an artist or designer to put together a great outfit! Follow these basic pattern mixing suggestions and try it out in your own closet today! For more inspiration, please visit my exclusive facebook group where I post weekly outfits using my amazing LuLaRoe inventory!

When you’re looking at different prints, you want to consider the following characteristics:
Size and type of pattern
Colors in the pattern
Areas you’re trying to enhance/minimize

Your goal is to create balance and harmony between each piece of clothing.

Pattern Mixing with Stripes

LuLaRoe Outfit Julia

There’s an old myth that says you should avoid stripes, especially vertical ones. Forget you ever heard that. It’s simply not true and there are ways to work all sizes and directions of stripes into your wardrobe rotation.


Small and soft stripes are easily a neutral, allowing you to wear them with a bolder pattern or vibrant solid.

Thick and bold stripes (such as color blocking) are great base patterns for layering and accessories.

Pattern Mixing with Florals

LuLaRoe Outfit Julia

I. Love. Florals. There’s nothing more beautiful to me than nature-inspired prints. Florals can be worn in all seasons and with many other patterns.

Balance large floral or paisley prints with small stripes, dots, or other repetitive patterns.

Smaller motifs are great for a minimalistic look with solids or as an all-over print.

Pattern Mixing with Animal Prints

LuLaRoe Outfit Julia

Though they have a reputation for being “wild”, neutral animal prints are very versatile and appropriate for all ages.

Pair large and high contrast patterns, such as zebra print, with a solid color to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Leopard and cheetah spots are often small enough to work nicely with a simple floral or clean stripe.

Pattern Mixing with Texture

LuLaRoe Outfit Julia


Remember the velour tracksuit? Sometimes too much of one fabric is, well, too much. Keep your layers balanced and avoid thicker garments on areas of your body that you’re trying to minimize.

Wear lace with other light, smooth fabrics.

Heavy wools and knits are great with denim or other sturdy materials.


The best way to know if you like patterns together is to try them on! Remember that there are no rules to what you can and cannot wear! Your style is unique to you so own it. If you’d like suggestions or recommendations, you’re always welcome to contact me or join my facebook community.


Basic Pattern Mixing


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