Perks of Being a Direct Sales Consultant

Perks of being a Direct Sales Consultant

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There are many reasons why women join the directs sales community. Extra income, time with other adults, and business experience are just a few. But there are many perks of being a direct sales consultant that may get your wheels turning about joining your favorite companies…

Perk #1: Discounts

Also known as “kit nappers”, hobby consultants aren’t in their company to build a career.  If you use a product often enough, you may save more on your own purchases by signing up as a seller.

I initially did this with Thirty-One, and just had my five year anniversary with them this past August. I’m also a Young Living member to take advantage of the wholesale pricing. Last summer I joined Chalk Couture for the same reason: I love the product and knew that I’d purchase enough supplies to keep my active status. None of these provide a steady stream of income for me, and that’s my choice.

Before joining any direct sales company, talk to a current rep that you trust and make sure you fully understand any activity and/or sales requirements they have.

Perk #2: First Dibs

New catalog? You get it. New Style release? You get it. New seasonal items? You get the idea.

Be the first to know about everything coming out when you’re a member of a company! As a LuLaRoe Retailer, I not only get first dibs on new collections and styles, but also on my new inventory in my size! It’s thrilling and probably the most fun perk of all!

Perk #3: Sisterhood

When you join a company, any direct sales company, you will be introduced to a tribe of women just like you. Some will train you and be there for career support and guidance. Other ladies will quickly become friends. They will be there to celebrate your successes and listen to your struggles.

Be sure to chat with the team you’ll be joining and see if their values and vision align with yours.

Perk #4: Freedom

While you may join for the perks of being a direct sales consultant, there’s nothing stopping you from turning your hobby into a full-blown business. With the support of your upline and teammates, the sky is the limit! You may decide to create a side business to fund your next vacation or start saving for your child’s college expenses. If you’re outgoing and confident in your abilities you may choose to make this your career and full-time job, like many of us do.

The choice is always there, and know that you’re never alone in your journey!


If you’re interested in any of the above companies that I’m part of, I’m always available to chat. To find information on other companies I recommend heading over to Sassy Direct and searching for a reputable consultant there. Perks of Being a Direct Sales Consultant


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