My Obsession with Cowgirl Boots

My Obsession with Cowgirl Boots

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No, I don’t live on a ranch. I don’t personally own horses. I’m not from the west. But I have an obsession with cowgirl boots, which is clearly evident in my boutique branding, photo gallery, and Pinterest board. Let me defend and explain myself. You may even be wanting your own pair after reading this…

Function meets Fashion

Genuine leather. Hand stitched details. And did I really just step in fresh manure? 

I’m a sucker for all things paisley, turquoise, sparkly, and girly. Browse any western catalog or shopping site and you’ll be floored by the beautiful options available to you. And I’d be willing to bet each pair has one of my vices previously mentioned.

But these pieces of wearable art are not as delicate as they look. They’re made for serious riders, as well as the obsessed midwestern mom. Now that’s a versatile and well-made product!


Ultimate in Comfort

Ok, I have issues with footwear due to flat feet. You’ll rarely catch me in flats or sandals. To prevent plantar fasciitis and inflammation I need a slight heel in all of my shoes to take some weight off of my fallen arches. So my obsession with cowgirl boots isn’t just superficial, it’s also good for my feet!

If you have any ankle weakness you’d also appreciate the tall, sturdy boot shafts. Oh, and you won’t need your fancy inserts for extra cushion. They already come with that. Do I have you convinced yet?

A Useful Collection

I’m going to tell you right now that I currently own 14 pairs of boots. Yeah, I know that’s a lot for anyone, except maybe Miranda or Carrie… But let me break it down.

Three pairs are considered ‘work boots’. These shorter shafted boots have less detail and are truly built for getting dirty. I wear these when riding horses with my mother in law and out on the ATVs. They’ve earned every scuff mark and scratch.

Two pairs are vintage, passed down to me. These are worn for very special occasions since the leather has become worn beyond my cleaning abilities.

The other nine are just for fun. And they’re not cheap, but here’s my justification: I WEAR THEM. All of them. Even in the winter, in feet of snow. Can you say that about your action figurines, display-only china, or model cars? I didn’t think so.


If you’d like to see some of my boots in action, head over to my Photo Gallery! I enjoy the selection and customer service of Country Outfitters website if you’re looking for a good place to start browsing.

Do you have a love of boots like I do? Let me know! Send me pics of your collection! <3

My Obsession with Cowgirl Boots


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