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Style Review: The LuLaRoe Sarah

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Cozy. Elegant. Playful. The LulaRoe Sarah does it all. This gorgeous duster cardigan is a must-have for cooler months. Find out why below, or head right to my shopping group to see all the amazing prints I have in my boutique!

The LuLaRoe Sarah

I’m cold blooded. Not to be confused with cold-hearted, cause that I am not. I live up in the frozen north and spend over half of the year trying to stay warm. #thestruggleisreal

Now, a hoodie is gold in my book, but isn’t exactly work appropriate for most, nor does it allow you to show off that lovely top or dress you have on. Enter the LuLaRoe Sarah. This duster cardigan is everything. Here’s why you need a few of these in your closet.

LuLaRoe Sarah Style Review


You may not live in a cold climate as I do, instead, you may work in an overly airconditioned office. That sheath dress may be great during the day, but you need an extra layer for your morning commute or to cut the evening chill.

What you need is a stylish cover up that can take you from day to night, work to play, and everywhere in between. This duster comes in many weights of fabric and hundreds of patterns. Me, I love the plush, thick, cozy materials. The cuddle up on the couch with a good book kind. Others love the open knits that provide light coverage and is just heavy enough to block a slight breeze.

You want it, I have it.

LuLaRoe Sarah Style Review


Pockets. I know, you love it already. And they’re big. Like, iPhone in an Otterbox big.

Great length. Why is this important? Because as a mother, I’m in and out of my SUV often and don’t want part of my outfit hanging out of my driver’s door. I need to go to the bathroom without dipping my layers in the potty water. This is not okay. The Sarah is designed to hit around your knee, which is the perfect length for most of us.

As an outer layer, this piece can be worn with just about anything you have in your closet. Wear it over a dress to work or keep it casual with jeans and a tee. Solids and stripes will be your most versatile prints, but life would be bland without the stand out patterns and statement florals.


Now that you’re educated on this amazing piece, get on in my group and find your favorite! With a rotating selection of prints in every size, I’m guaranteed to have one with your name on it! Share your favorite ways to wear the LuLaRoe Sarah below and I’ll send you a one-time coupon for my boutique <3


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LuLaRoe Sarah Style Review


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