12 LuLaRoe Inspired Halloween Costumes

LuLaRoe Halloween Costume Inspiration

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It’s almost time! I know you’re searching the web for ideas. DIY is all the rage these days, and for good reason! What could be better than owning a beautiful piece of clothing that can pull double duty as the base for an amazing costume! Check out a few LuLaRoe Halloween costume ideas below! And if you’re looking for lovely everyday outfits, head on over to my exclusive shopping group! Read on for guidance on how to create the perfect look!


LuLaRoe Halloween Inspiration

Start with a Base

The easiest way to get started on a costume is getting a good base garment. For most of these outfits, that meant a solid in a shade that matched the character. As a mom in my early 30’s, I’m all about modest, clean fun. No corsets and heels here. I also live up north, so coverage and long sleeves are a huge plus. These dresses can easily be layered with robes, capes, wings, or tights/leggings.

Second to color is shape. The gorgeous CiCi dress that I choose for the Jasmine costume can be worn off the shoulder, which is more true to the character’s outfit. Where’s Waldo’s Amelia dress is more fun and casual, and is the perfect size for a teen or tween!

Add Accessories

I added a few headbands in the outfits to show just how much they impact the overall look. Maleficent without horns is just another boring witch. Tinkerbell without wings looks like the Jolly Green Giants daughter. Accessories can make or break a Halloween costume.

The best part about accessories is that they are inexpensive and easily found in most party and departments stores! I’ve even seen some in our local dollar store, so shop around to find that perfect piece.

After the Sugar Rush

It’s no secret that store-bought costumes are expensive. My children will wear theirs all year round for play, but adults may not be so apt to do so. This is why I love the idea of creating my own using items that are already in my closet or those that will be a great addition after the holiday. These quality dresses will serve you well for work, play, and events for many years. Simply wash, dry, and hang back up in your closet. What could be better than that?


The items you see in my photo gallery are currently available, but may not be for long! If you’re interested in these or other LuLaRoe in my boutique, quickly head over to my group now or shoot me a message to discuss other Halloween costume ideas for you! Which costume is your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments 😀

LuLaRoe Inspired Halloween Costumes


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