My #2 Quick Tidy Tip for Moms

My #2 Quick Tidy Tip for Moms

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Since my #1 Quick Tidy Tip for moms was so popular with my readers, I decided to tell you my #2 trick!

Then that’s all I got, you’re on your own. Ha!

So you’ve done your tidying for the day (or week, this is a judgment-free zone), and maybe you’re ready to do some cleaning. My #2 tip all takes place in the bathroom.

Yep. We’re going there…

Multitasking for the win

In my #1 tidy tip (read it here) I shared how I batch tasks to save both time and sanity in my common living spaces. Batching is a simple way of saying I do one step of a chore in every room to stay on task before moving on to the next step. Time is a precious commodity, and there are many things I’d rather be doing than scrubbing down a dirty bathroom.

White is my BFF (not)

My appliances are white. My tub and surround are white. Why? Because they fit ourĀ farmhouse decor and are typically the least expensive of all the color options. But girl, they’re tough to keep clean!

Since white shows everything, it’s easy for me to spot a dirty surface in my kitchen and take care of it quickly. But the bathroom, that’s a whole other beast.

If you don’t already know this, I have two little girls and their daddy, that all bathe nightly. And daddy paves roads, so when he gets home he is filthy. I’ll be honest, it’s kinda sexy, until he starts touching everything with his greasy, grimy hands (insert cringes here). Since I’m the last to shower each night, and it can be fifty shades of yuck in there.

Ain’t nobody got time for this

It’s 11pm, I’m tired, and I just want to shower and go to bed. You know what I’m talking about, we all have our stories. But the bathroom still needs attention. I’ll give you a second to guess what I do.

You’ve got it. I pull double duty and clean while I’m in there. Seriously.

Since each girl uses a clean washcloth nightly, and no one wrings them out to toss down the laundry shoot, I know I have something to use while I’m in there. If I know it’s exceptionally dirty, I’ll grab my magic eraser from the cabinet and bring it in with me too.

Top to bottom

I hope you all clean top to bottom. It just makes sense. So naturally, I start my shower routine by washing my hair. While the conditioner works its magic, I start working mine. I grab a washcloth and get to it, lifting the shampoo bottles and shuffling around soaps.

In about 2 minutes, I can have the surround and shelves nearly spotless. Yay me!

It’s then time to rinse my conditioner and continue on with my shower. But before I turn off the water, I give the tub a quick wipe down and rinse out all my cleaning cloths.

We’re not done yet

Oh no, dear reader. There’s more to do. That same washcloth, or the one left by my other child, is then used to quickly wipe down the vanity, door knobs, cabinet faces, and anything else I see that needs attention. I do this as my hair turban is absorbing water from my head, so I’m still multitasking at this point.

After my teeth are brushed, the sink gets one last wipe down, and I’m officially done. In only an additional 2-3 minutes, I’ve successfully cleaned up the daily mess while getting myself ready for bed. I consider this a quick tidy win!


This quick tidy tip may or may not work for you, but give it a shot! It may be your new saving grace each night. It’s so nice waking up to a clean bathroom! And as a work from home mom, I need all the help I can get! I’d also like to mention that I don’t use chemical cleaners unless I absolutely have to, and certainly not while I’m in there naked. I also don’t touch the toilet daily. That’s hits my Saturday morning cleaning schedule. I have to pick my battles, you know.

If you’ve tried this, let me know how it works for you below! If you have another quick tidy tip for me to try, shoot me a message. I’d love to hear from you!

My #2 Quick Tidy Tip for Moms


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