The Four Gifts List for Children

The Four Gift Rule for Children

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The holidays are fast approaching, and you may already be preparing your gift-giving lists. If your kids are anything like mine, they already have bins of toys that may or may not get played with. In this materialistic age, I’m taking the less-is-more approach to save not only my budget but my sanity.

The Four Gift Rule

This minimalistic idea is that your child may ask for four gifts:

One they can wear
One they can read
One thing they need
One thing they want

No more out-doing last year’s gifts. No more overspending. No more holiday shopping breakdowns. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, no lines at the stores plus free shipping! Not a member? Click here for a free trial!

If you’re looking for ideas that fit the gift categories, read on for my top four recommendations in each.

Gifts to Wear

Please, no socks or underwear, mom. These should be special items on their list, it is the holidays after all. Below are four ideas that will work for kids of all ages:


Team Jersey – If you have a young sports fan in your home, this is a great gift idea! Team apparel is always cool and appreciated.

Name-brand Items – Your young fashionista may have her heart set on an item that exceeds her clothing budget. Surprise her with those jeans or sweater she’s been begging for all year.

Accessories – Cool baseball hats, headbands, scarves, jewelry, etc. This is a great idea for the littlest people too!

Costumes – I’m always grabbing marked down Halloween costumes on Nov 1st for my kids. Let them play dress up (for less!) all year round.

Gifts to Read

Encouraging literacy and imagination is always a great idea! Base this gift off of their current interests or hobbies.


Guinness World Records – If you have a brainiac, books of facts and puzzles are bound to spark their interest.

Activity Books – Crossword puzzles, coloring books, and the like are the perfect cold winter fun. Just make sure they’re age appropriate.

A Series – Harry Potter, How to Train your Dragon, Diary of a Wimpy Kids, just to name a few. Find a genre they love and get them hooked.

Magazine Subscription – There are magazines available for almost every budding hobbyist or outdoors kid! For the younger kids, I recommend Highlights.

Gifts they Need

Here’s where we can get a little more practical (fun socks if you must). You should already have a good idea of their needs, but here are a few ideas anyways.


Clothing/Outerwear – Replace worn out gloves, invest in a quality ski jacket, splurge (a little) on a nice scarf.

Shoes – This is a no-brainer because their feet seem to grow an inch each year! Ugh!

Personal Care Items – Your young adult may be ready for a flatiron or electric shaver and would appreciate the gift.

Bedding – Replacing bedding is usually not special, however, you can make it exciting by purchasing sheets or a pillow in their favorite character or colors.

Gifts they Want

This will naturally be their favorite category. Make the holiday truly magical with something on their fun list!


Games – Board games not only encourage healthy conversations and logic but also replace screen time. Win-win!

Experiences – Trips to the movies, zoo, bowling, sporting events, plays, etc! There are many places that will sell tickets in advance.

Gift Cards – Older kiddos love the idea of having their own money, and you also get to teach them responsible spending.

Outdoor Fun – We encourage outdoor play/adventure, so any wants in this category are usually granted without hesitation.

Now it’s time to make your list(s), check them twice, and sail through this holiday gift-giving season! Please contact me or comment below with your favorite gift ideas for children!The Four Gifts List for Children


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