Staying Healthy through the Holiday Season

Staying Healthy through the Holiday Season

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… sick season? While the holidays can be full of joy and magic, it’s also when many families get ill and mothers everywhere feel run down and exhausted. Please take a minute to check out a few precautions you should be taking and tips for staying healthy through the holiday season!

Hand washing

I know, you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true. With the increase of handshaking, touching shopping carts, and whatever the kids do at school, we need to be more vigilant than ever.

-Buy fun holiday scented soaps to encourage hand washing.

-Keep hand sanitizers in your purse, car, and kids backpacks.

Practicing good hygiene is your first defense against the onslaught of bugs that are bound to be hanging out wherever you go.

Food prep

No one wants to spend the holidays stuck in the bathroom. Some basic food handling safety tips can go a long way to keeping everyone healthy.

-Cook all meats to the recommended temperature.

-Refrigerate all leftovers as soon as possible.

-Wash your hands before any cooking or baking.

-Beware of buffet or potluck dishes that have been sitting out for an extended period of time. If in doubt, don’t eat it.

Read more tips here from the CDC

Toxic Company

Being around negative family or friends can make you emotionally unwell. It may be that one uncle who wants to discuss politics at the dinner table or your nosy aunt who rudely suggests that the slice of pie on your plate isn’t going to flatter your waistline.

-No one has a perfect family, but you know yours and can predict uncomfortable or disastrous situations before they happen.

-Alcohol can often fan tensions and fuel confrontations, so limit your consumption of cocktails to one of you can. Know when to walk away from another who has had one too many.

If you know a gathering will be tense or unpleasant, limit the length of your visit, or kindly thank the host for the invitation and opt to stay home.


Lend your immune system a helping hand by eliminating any unnecessary stress during the holidays.

This may include: keeping a gift budget, avoiding long travel (especially with little people), skipping the Black Friday lines, or going out for dinner instead of cooking that 5-course meal.

-Your children/grandchildren will survive without that $200 toy that no one can find.

Remember the reasons for the season and focus on the joyful moments.


It’s tempting to stay up into the wee hours of the morning checking Amazon for the next round of upcoming deals, but try to put the phone down. Your body and mind will thank you.

If you’re traveling across time zones this holiday season it’s even more important to stick to your normal routine.

Getting your Zzzz’s will ensure you have the energy and focus to take on whatever the holidays throw at you!


Keeping your family and yourself healthy and happy during the holidays shouldn’t be too difficult if you plan ahead and practice common sense. If you have other holiday health tips, please share them below or send them to me here!

May you all have a wonderful and healthy holiday season!


Staying Healthy through the Holiday Season


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