New LuLaRoe Onboarding Package

New Onboarding Package for LuLaRoe Retailers!

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Have you heard the news? Gone are the days of choosing kits or levels of Onboarding Package for new LuLaRoe Retailers! Why is this a big deal? Because you now have the freedom to choose the styles that YOU want to start your business with!

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LuLaRoe announced on 10/29/19 that there is a NEW onboarding package that replaces the info below.

This new option contains 65 items for $499. And yes, you still choose the items. You want 65 Sarahs? Great! Wanna grab 65 leggings? Go for it! The price doesn’t change.

I know, it’s crazy. 

To discuss ideas or create a hypothetical game plan (cause why wouldn’t you want to at least entertain the idea?) give me a shout!

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The Old Onboarding Package

When I signed up to begin my own boutique business a long, long, looonnggg time ago, there were three kit options to choose from. These packages contained what LuLaRoe called their best selling styles (and they truly were) at the time.

The packages ranged in price from around $4k to $7k, with the more expensive package including the most pieces in each size of the given styles. This allowed you to decide the amount of your initial investment.

New Retailers were also given the option of purchasing add-on kits of Leggings and/or Kids styles.

Did I like all the styles that came in my package? No, but they were the most popular styles and they sold.


Create your own Package

In 2017, the Onboarding process and Packages were modified. New Retailers were allowed to choose a minimum of four styles from a list. This allowed more customization of your first week as a Retailer.

For example, if you didn’t want skirts, you didn’t have to choose them. It was as simple as picking another top, dress, or legging kit.

This method also decreased the initial investment for many ladies. You could purchase a great selection of inventory for less than $3k, compared to the $6-7 most chose to invest previously.

I loved the idea of choosing your personal favorite styles, as well as styles that you know you could create outfits with.


NEW Onboarding Package

So what did they change that is getting me all giddy?

There are no more Onboarding Packages! 😀

That’s right, starting immediately, there are no longer packages that newly onboarding Retailers have to choose from. When a new Retailer onboards, they will have the chance to order from any and all styles currently in stock and purchase as many as they’d like—with a minimum purchase of $2,500.

WHOA! This is amazing! Choose the sizes you know your ideal customers will wear, in the styles you know they’ll love! You have complete freedom!


Of course, if you’re not sure which styles or sizes you’d like to order, your sponsor will be glad to walk you through your business plan and help you make the best decision.


If you’d like more information on becoming a Retailer and starting your own boutique, shoot me a message and we can chat! If you’d just like to shop all the newest style and prints, you’re always welcome in my small online shopping community here.


Let’s imagine you’re starting your own imaginary LuLa Boutique. What styles would you choose? I love hearing about your favorite styles!

New LuLaRoe Onboarding Package


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